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Eastern part of Willets Point, seen from Citi Field in April 2017

Willets Point Revitalization

What will happen to the Iron Triangle?  High end housing and entertainment?  Parking lot for LaGuardia Airport?  We’ll have to wait and see while the local businesses and the city continue to fight it out.  Once the area is fully razed, an environment study and remediation will need to take place before anything is built, so it will be years until we see anything there.  In the meantime, here are a few photos from April 2017.

A few of the businesses still remain at Willets Point, as seen from Citi Field

Not sure how these 3 businesses have thus far managed to avoid the ax.

Western side of Willets Point still seems to be business as usual, as seen from Citi Field

While the eastern side of Willets Point is almost fully demolished, the western side still has many businesses up and running, and it almost seems like business as usual over there.

Willets Point, as seen by Google Maps, in September 2016View of Willets Points - 37th Ave and 126th St, from Citi Field

37th Ave and 126th St – as seen by Google Maps in Sept 2016 on the left, and as seen from Citi Field in April 2017 on the right