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Pretzel Braid at Citi Field is my favorite

Citi Field Pretzel Guide

Earlier this week was National Pretzel Day.  Say what you will about the torrent of National days we have year round that seem to serve no purpose but to distract us from getting through our day, as a pretzel lover myself, I’m happy to find any reason to eat more pretzels!

(sidenote: National ‘Days’ are a bit ridiculous in my opinion.  For example, not only is April 26 National Pretzel Day, but you can also celebrate National Kids and Pets Day, National Audubon Day, National Help a Horse Day, National Richter Scale Day and National Administrative Professionals Day!  Multiple that by 365 and you have a whole lot of National Days to keep track of)

This USA Today article about National Pretzel Day has some interesting findings – while I’m not a cheese person myself, I do strongly agree in saving the knot for last:

A recent national survey by soft pretzel company, SUPERPRETZEL, showed 65% of consumers surveyed eat the curves of a soft pretzel first and save the knot for last. The survey also found 28% of people prefer cheese on their pretzel and 17% like mustard or chocolate.

Citi Field Pretzel Scare

Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Pieces handed out at Citi Field

Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Pieces

Getting back to pretzels at Citi Field though, I was at Citi Field on National Pretzel Day (snagging two free bags of Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Pieces in the process) and wanted to mark the occasion by purchasing my favorite pretzel found at Citi Field, the pretzel braid.  I’ve been eating them for several years, going back to at least 2012.  Last year there was a particular stand in the Foxwoods Club that sold the braid and so I headed there for my first braid of the 2017 season.  But to my surprise, that stand was selling the standard super pretzel, not the braid.  In a panic I looked at the other stands in Foxwoods Club and thankfully the stand on the other side was selling the braid and I was able to properly mark the National Day occasion!

Pretzels at Citi Field – You’ve Got Options

iti Field patrons who are also pretzel lovers may not be aware that Citi Field sells three types of pretzels.

The Loop Artisan Pretzel

The Loop Artisan Pretzel at Citi Field

I’ll start with this one because it is in a category distinct and separate from the other two because it is located in a limited access area of Citi Field.  The Loop is located in the Foxwoods Club and only accesible by fans holding a ticket that allows access to the Foxwoods club.


The distinction of getting your pretzel from The Loop is that you also have the option of getting a cinnamon sugar pretzel, the loop pretzel stand at citi fieldand also there are several dipping sauces to choose from – Artisan Three Cheese, Lager Mustard and Cream Cheese Frosting.  The pretzel is a nice large size, and pretty thick all the way around, but I found the taste of the plain pretzel itself to be nothing special, and in fact the one I had seemed on the rubbery side as if it had been reheated in the microwave, but I’m sure getting the cinnamon topping or a dipping sauce will make this a fine choice.

The artisan pretzel at The Loop will set you back $6.75 for the plain or cinnamon sugar pretzel, and if you want one of the dipping sauces, that will be an extra $2.00.

SuperPretzel Bavarian Soft Pretzel and Soft Pretzel Braid
comparing the superpretzel bavarian soft pretzel and the braid

Moving onto the other two choices, CitiField serves SuperPretzel Bavarian brand, both the regular soft pretzel (which going forward I’ll call the traditional) and the braid, both shown above.  Each person is going to have their own taste and preference when it comes to pretzel, but for me, hands down, the Braid is far and above the traditional.  The traditional is clearly much smaller that the braid, my guess is that it is almost half of the size.

Also, tSuperPretzel Bavarian Soft Pretzel at Citi Fieldhe traditional to me always seems burnt and extra crispy on the outside.  Perhaps that is the way it is supposed to be served, and I suppose some people might prefer that finish to their pretzel, but for me it is not enjoyable.  I also feel like the heating of this pretzel is haphazard – you can see in this closeup photo, my pretzel has bad clumps of salt, and some of the salt on the left and lower side has turned yellow, as if it has been burned.  Just seems to be unevenly heated.  The one plus of the traditional pretzel served at Citi Field is that it definitely has a buttery taste to it, so the taste is quite good, it is just the overdone-ness I object to.

Pretzel Braid at Citi Field is my favoriteOn the other hand, the Braid to me tastes great, and it is consistently good every time I buy it.  From a size perspective, it is quite big, I’d estimate almost double the traditional pretzel.  It is very soft and doughy and quite filling, so as far as food choices go at Citi Field, I think it is a good buy.


The braid costs $6.75, and the traditional pretzel clocks in a dollar less, at $5.75.  With both pretzels, you can add cheese for another $2.50.

Where to Find each Pretzel At Citi Field

I walked the entire stadium, looking at the food signs and noting where you can find each type of pretzel.

The Loop Artisan Pretzel – only located inside the Foxwoods Club, which requires a ticket with access to the club.  It is located just inside the First Base entrance.

SuperPretzel Bavarian – Traditional – can be found at food stands with the following names:

  • Burger and Fries
  • Hot Dog and Chicken
  • Dogs and Burgers
  • Burgers and Dogs

SuperPretzel Bavarian – Braid – can be found at the following food stands:

  • stands marked Hot Dog
  • stands marked Kosher Grill
  • stands that sell the Pastrami sandwich (they are not consistently labelled)
  • Snack Express – at section 434