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View of the oversized cheese sticks from Big Mozz at Citi Field

Big Mozz at Citi Field

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I’m a big fan of cheese sticks, and when I heard that cheese sticks from Big Mozz would be a food option at Citi Field for 2017, I needed to make it one of my first tastings!

Unlike some of the other notable Citi Field food options, Big Mozz does not have a storefront in New York City, but they can be found at the Smorgasburg, the food flea market, which for 2017 is happening on Saturdays at East River Park in Williamsburg (Kent and N 7th), and Sundays at Prospect Park’s Breeze Hill, through November.

Big Mozz Menu

Big Mozz Menu at Citi Field

I love the menu – couldn’t be simpler.  You essentially get three over-sized mozzarella sticks, and you just need to select which sauce you want.  The sauce choices are Homemade Red, Spicy Red, Real Pesto and Smoky Chipotle.  The Mozz Sticks are $10, and if you want extra sauce, it will cost you another $2.

Big Mozz Review

Overall, I loved the Big Mozz Sticks.  Scored 14 out of 15!


Another view of Big Mozz at Citi Field

Looked great.  Crisp and golden brown look, and nicely fried on the outside.  Just the right amount of cheese oozing out, and the right amount of cheese sprinkled on the outside.

Score – 5


Simply delicious.  Served nice and warm, and the sauce was light and fruity.  Crispy on the outside and nice and cheesy on the inside.

Score – 5


Each order provides three over-sized mozzarella sticks, were big and quite filling, so generally I think the value was good.  However, I did cut the score down slightly because the sauce that is given to you is on the small side, and extra sauce will set you back another 2 bucks.

Score – 4

Location and Line

Big Mozz is located in the Promenade Club, which is unfortunately a restricted area of the stadium and you’ll only be allowed access if you ticket indicates access to the Promenade Club.  All season ticket plans provide access to Promenade Club, otherwise access is based on the location of your seat.

The line can be quite long and slow, since all of the Promenade Club food options are served from a single line.  Once you place your order you’ll be given a number and you’ll pick up your food when your number is called.

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