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bash burger at citi field review

Bash Burger at Citi Field – a Review

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For 2017, the Mets unveiled a slew of new food options.  For opening day I decided to start with the Bash Burger, the creation of chef Josh Capon, and can be found at his restaurant on W Houston St, Barrel and Burger.  The Bash Burger has apparently been around for quite awhile, winning the People’s Choice Award for tastiest burger at Rachael Ray’s Burger Bash at the NY Wine and Food Festival as far back as 2009.

Bash Burger Menu

Bash Burger Menu at Citi Field

Bash Burger has a very simple menu.  Three burgers to choose from, as well as two types of french fries and chicken fingers.  In case you cannot read the image above, the burger choices are:

  1. Bash Burger – Pat LaFrieda Patty, Onion & Bacon Jam, Pickles, American Cheese, Special Sauce
  2. Double Barrel – Two Pat LaFrieda Patties, American Cheese, Fried Onions, Pickles, Special Sauce
  3. Classic – Pat LaFrieda Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, American Cheese, Special Sauce

There are also 2 different types of fries, the Bash Waffle Fries, which come with Onion and Bacon Jam and Special Sauce, as well as Salt & Vinegar Waffle Fries.  I didn’t try them, but if I do in the future, will update this page.

Rounding out the menu are the chicken tenders and fries.  It is not clear to me if the chicken tenders are their own or if they are serving the same tenders as elsewhere in the stadium, and I also wonder what variation of the fries are included.  When the answers to those questions are found, I will update this page.

Interesting to note is that all three burgers are the same price.  I tried the Bash Burger, and found the single patty to be quite thick.  I assume the Classic is based off the same patty, just with different toppings, but since the Double Barrel has two patties, I also assume those patties must be smaller.  I’ll try the variations out as the season wears on, and will update this page with more detail.

Bash Burger Review

bash burger citi field eating

I give the Bash Burger a total score of 13 out of 15 – highly recommended!


The burger was served in a plain white box with the Bash Burger logo, very clean and neat, and the box was easily large and tall enough to accommodate the burger.  Of course what you see first is the bun, which looked fresh and was covered nicely with sesame seeds.  But since there was nothing special about the presentation besides being clean and neat, it doesn’t quite get the top score.

Score – 4


The Bash Burger was delicious.  The patty was cooked to a nice medium, and was very tender and juicy.  I could taste the bacon and the onions, and the patty was very thick.  The special sauce had a nice taste and was not overpowering.  I regrettably didn’t count the pickles, but it seemed there were several, covering the whole burger.  Compared to other burgers I’ve had at Citi Field, this one is definitely up there towards the top.

Score – 5


While $13 for a burger does seem like a lot, especially when it doesn’t come with any fries or accompaniment, given it is a high end stadium food option, and that ordering the Bash Burger at it’s home restaurant, Burger and Barrel, will set you back $19, I find this to be a great value.

Score – 4

Bash Burger Location and Line

The Bash Burger stand is a large double stand, located on the left field outfield concourse on the field level, behind section 135.  There are 2 lines, which both snake around a few barriers.  The line was totally full when I arrived and starting to extend out into the concourse, but it moved quickly and I had my food and was the way to my seat within 15 minutes.

What do you think of the Bash Burger?  Leave me a comment below, and check out my take on other Citi Field food options.

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