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Zack Wheeler looks on as Hank Azaria prepares to throw the first pitch at Citi Field

Hank Azaria Throws First Pitch at Citi Field

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Hank Azaria, voice extraordinaire, was on hand at Citi Field to throw out the first pitch on April 18, 2017 before the Mets game vs the Phillies.  Zack Wheeler was on hand to see Azaria step up to the rubber, go into his windup, and unleash a strike!


hank azaria winds up on his first pitch at Citi Field on April 18 2017

There was definitely some bragging going on when Azaria visited Howie and Josh in the WOR studio in the 2nd and 3rd innings, and why not, it is pretty rare for a celeb to get up on the rubber and throw a strike!

Hank Azaria throws a first pitch strike at Citi Field

Azaria is currently promoting his new project, Brockmire, a comedy series airing on International Film Channel (IFC), which is based on a fictional baseball play-by-play announcer character Azaria introduced on Funny or Die.



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