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Big Mozz at Citi Field

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View of the oversized cheese sticks from Big Mozz at Citi Field

I'm a big fan of cheese sticks, and when I heard that cheese sticks from Big Mozz would be a food option at Citi Field for 2017, I needed to make it one of my first tastings! Unlike some of the other notable Citi Field food options, Big Mozz does not have a storefront in

Bash Burger at Citi Field – a Review

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bash burger at citi field review

For 2017, the Mets unveiled a slew of new food options.  For opening day I decided to start with the Bash Burger, the creation of chef Josh Capon, and can be found at his restaurant on W Houston St, Barrel and Burger.  The Bash Burger has apparently been around for quite awhile, winning the People's

Mets Unveil New Food Options for 2017

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This week the Mets unveiled the new food options fans will be able to eat at Citi Field in 2017.  While I'll be publishing my own opinions of the food available at Citi Field as the season gets underway, here is what I've been able to glean from the articles that have popped up on